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Church Bingo! Often Chruches and other organizations strive for new ways to help raise money for their needs. Ever try a Bingo fundraiser? or incorporate the trendy "basket bingo" Where instead of a cash prize a basket full of mystery goodies is given away and proceed's are collected for your cause.
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Bonanza Bingo
Item Number:bp-bonanza
A unique format and a fun way to increase profits for you and excitement among players. This game is played on special folded and sealed bingo cards and is a great addition to any bingo program. Before your regular session begins, call 48 numbers and post them on your Bonanza Bingo flashboard and continue to play your regular game. Sell Bonanza Bingo cards before the last game of the night and close sales. A player with coverall wins the jackpot prize. If there is no winner with the 48 numbers posted, call the 49th, 50th, etc., until there's a winner for the consolation prize.
More Bingo Equipment
Speedmatic bingo cage for automatic bingo ball recovery. This bingo cage and bingo ball tray assembly measures 16x16x30 inches.
The bingo balls are placed on the ball tray during the bingo game. At end of bingo game, press the lever and the bingo balls all roll back into the bingo cage.
Includes 7/8" wooden bingo balls.
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DELUXE Raffle Drum - Medium
Item Number:RD-Medium


12" diameter by 16" long by 20" tall. Holds approximately 5000 1" by 2" tickets.
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DELUXE Raffle Drum - Small
Item Number:RD-Small


9" diameter by 12" long by 10" tall. Holds approximately 2500 1" by 2" tickets.
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Large Double Ticket Raffle Ticket
Item Number:RT-Raffle
Large Double Ticket Raffle Tickets. The back of this double ticket roll has a place for name, address and phone number and a security strip to prevent fraud. Use as a raffle ticket for any event with a drawing. 1000 Double Tickets Per Roll. Each Double Ticket is four inches by two inches. Each half is 2 inches by 2 inches with the same number on both parts, scored in the center for easy separation.
This "Excite" Roll Ticket is printed on high quality bright white paper for a more attractive, colorful ticket!
Beware of cheap imitations! Not all roll tickets are printed on the same weight paper.
Make sure to buy our bright colorful "Excite" roll tickets - not "Extra Lite" tickets!
Roll of 1000 Double Tickets
Please call for details
More Bingo Paper
1 On Paper
Item Number:BP-1x1k
1000 Bingo sheets. 1 card per sheet. PLEASE SELECT BELOW WHETHER YOU WANT 2 COLOR OR SINGLE COLOR PACKS. The 2 color packs have 2 single color packs of 500. The single color packs have 1000 sheets of one color. Colors of paper may vary from picture. Perfect for school fundraisers!
Colors may vary. Only guaranteed to get one single color
1000 sheets
More Bingo Paper
6 On 25 Up Paper
Item Number:BP-6x25
6 cards per sheet
25 different color sheets per book.
25 books per pack
Colors may vary from picture.
25 Books per Pack
More Raffle Tickets
Reverse Raffle Ticket
Item Number:RT-REVERSE
A fundraising reverse raffle is one where you don't want to win. Give a free ticket to everyone attending a regular organization meeting or special event. Tell them they are automatically included in the drawing for a special prize. If they don't want to be eligible for the prize, they can "sell" their ticket for $1 to $10 - depending on your attendees. Why would they want to get rid of their ticket? Consider prize options/activities that can be completed during the event itself such as .... singing a song standing on a table; wearing a silly hat or mask; having their face painted; wearing a funny costume; or ????? Be creative! You will find very few spoil-sports who won't go along. If nothing else, they will "sell" their ticket to keep from looking foolish. All ticket stubs are placed in a hat or other container from which one "lucky" number is drawn.
Reverse Raffle Tickets
More Bingo Cages
Professional Bingo Cage
Item Number:BC-PRO
Professional size and quality large bingo set with cage that stands a full 19 inches tall. It is 20" long from front to back and 1 1/2 ft wide it comes with full size bingo balls and a large master board. This is the best of our bingo cages and is the top choice for Senior Centers, retirement facilities, bars, churchs, schools and serious bingo players anywhere.
Smooth action Brass plated cage comes with a plastic master board with numbered holes for ball placement and a set of 75 professional size (1.5 inch) bingo balls
Type and color of bingo ball shipped with cage may vary.
Standard balls may be replaced with JUMBO NUMBER bingo balls for easier reading for an additional charge.
Standard balls may be replaced with BB-DNS double number color coded bingo balls (shown in photo) for an additional charge.
Bingo Game Set
More Bingo Cages
Bingo Cage - Ping Pong Ball
Item Number:BC-75
This is the smallest cage that uses FULL SIZE Bingo Balls. In many cases this is a better choice that the BC-50. With everything about this set being larger, it becomes easier for very young and very old to handle the balls and read the ball numbers. Overall the BC-75 stands 16 inches tall - front of back it is 17" and side to side about 15 1/2". This is perfect for retirement homes, senior centers, schools or anywhere else where you want both quality and a great price.
Bingo Set
More Bingo Balls
5 Color Single Number Bingo Balls
Item Number:BB-71U
Ping Pong Size Bingo Balls
Equivalent to Titan Balls
Numbers Printed on the Inside

Bold black letters and numbers
1 1/2" diameter
75 balls numbered from B-1 to O-75
5 Color Set where each letter in BINGO is a different color.
Set of 75 Bingo Balls
Please call for details
More Specialty Bingo Balls
100 Set Lottery Balls
Item Number:BB-Raffle-100
Bold numbers
1 1/2 inch diameter
100 balls numbered from 1 to 100
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