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Bingo Party Kit Game Set
Bingo Party Kit Game Set
Item Number:UBc-Party
This Bingo Party Kit includes the popular "BC-50" Vinyl Coated Bingo Cage Set which includes 5 color plastic bingo balls, masterboard and 25 Deluxe Bingo Shutter Cards - DON'T MISS OUT!!!These cards are the high quality cards that have the clear all free space and heavy duty stitched construction. Limited availablity!! More Info..
Price:$104.70   -    Bingo Kit
Low Introductory Price!!!
Mini Bingo Kit Game Set
Mini Bingo Kit Game Set
Item Number:UBC-MINI-KIT
This Mini Bingo Kit includes 18 reusable bingo cards, 300 transparent bingo chips, and a deck of BINGO calling cards (numbered B1-O75) to call the numbers. Great mini bingo set! Perfect if you have 18 players or less!

Available with Blue or Black Bingo Cards. Don't forget to pick your choice below!

More Info..
Price:$12.95   -    Mini Bingo Kit

Super Deal!!

Super Bingo Set
Super Bingo Set
Item Number:UBc-Super
Complete Professional cage and Shutter Card set
Over $170 In Savings!!! Limited Time Only!!!
Kit includes:
  • Professional cage w/ 1.5" balls (sku:bc-pro)$279.95
  • 100 Deluxe Shutter/Slide Cards (sku: bp-slide)$249.00
More Info..
Price:$429.95   -    Game Set
Bingo Cage - Ping Pong Ball
Bingo Cage - Ping Pong Ball
Item Number:UBC-75
This is the smallest cage that uses FULL SIZE Bingo Balls. In many cases this is a better choice that the BC-50. With everything about this set being larger, it becomes easier for very young and very old to handle the balls and read the ball numbers. Overall the BC-75 stands 16 inches tall - front of back it is 17" and side to side about 15 1/2". This is perfect for retirement homes, senior centers, schools or anywhere else where you want both quality and a great price. More Info..
Price:$119.95   -    Bingo Set
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